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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Trip out to the coast again with SUN

Hi folks,

Sorry to have been away for a while but we have had friends staying  having limited my time on the computer.

Anyway off to the coast we went on Friday for day out with Heather and Ken.

Hythe was our first port of call and to find the nice cafe on the high street for lunch which we have been to for a while. Guess what it was closed, so not getting fed up we found another further  just a few doors down the high street. Really nice scones, cakes and coffee was the order of the day.

Suitably refreshed I started to look around for some local wild life and found this little species on the beach.

Will have to ask, is it a pebble catcher? or wot. he he.

As it was hot we thought we might as well carry on along the coast towards Dungerness and the Nature reserve. not a lot of luck with the feathered variety of birds but got this one at close quarters.

I bet the poor owner had just cleaned his car as this chap left him a present.

Chris said she was going to put a Power Station image up on her return so here is my contribution.

Dungerness B

Loads of fishermen at Dungerness so instead of birds I turned my lens in there  direction.

First the cast...

I spent a while looking at then admiring the way they get that worm out in the sea.

The reflection off the sea was really nice.

Will carry on with our adventure which I will continue tomorrow.

bye bye, luv Mike XX


  1. Oh, super post Mike ...nice to see Ken. Is he the Ken who woz always getting lost cos he was forever gassing on KN and forgot where he was going? .... lol

    Ken and I and the girls are off to Minis Bay tomorrow to take advantage of this sunny weather and have fish 'n chips for lunch !

    I will look out for some more 'birds' on the beach and kick Kendo if he starts to dribble!!! lol

    Great pictures Mike .. good silhouette of the fisherman x

  2. Don't like your power station as much as mine, so there, LOL Good blog Mike.

  3. Hi Trev, I wonder wot Chris's Power station is going to look like? mines a big one.

    Hi Eileen, yes that's the bloke on KN who always got lost, this phonetics were GASSES AND JAWS ALWAYS.

    I like my birds better that Trev's he he, notice he never commented on that shot Eileen, strange...XX

  4. Hi Mike, I humbly ask for forgiveness....since I got back, I have'nt had time to keeps getting in the way !!!Anyway Mike really good post, some great shots and my power station is up and my space !
    Where's Eileens power station ? We must get onto her about it !!!!
    Chris R

  5. Oh fer gawds sake .... How can I introduce a picture of a blooming Power Station on to my blog about Crafting and Cards????? lol lol lol Mmmmmm.....I am getting stick from D&H as it seems they are asking OTL to put a picture on their blog ..... pressure .....!

    Okay, my next card will be posted about Tuesday a little girl at Christmas Time .... maybe I can find a power station covered in snow !!!! xxx

  6. Hi Mike, just to let you know that I have a super new blog......please come visit !!!
    slobbery licks
    Mad Max