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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dressing Up at Upnor!

Hi again folks,

Day two with Daisy this week saw the weather being much better so we visited Upnor Castle, near Rochester, she spent a very happy time sitting on cannons, watching boats, dressing up and firing table tennis balls on the "Cannon Range".

First off she watched the boats from this elevated spot and posed for her picture to be taken, wasn't I the lucky one.

The dressing up clothes were designed for someone "slightly" bigger than Daisy and she choose to wear them covering her hands and feet, she looked sweet in the mop cap.

A change of mop cap plus the shawl as she insisted in only wearing the girls things.

This next shot was only achieved by Sue kneeling on the ground and lifting her up so that her head reached the "head hole", I was quite pleased as between the three of us we managed with correct height and head angle.

Back downstairs we had to pass by the dressing up area and now she decided that she wanted to be a soldier after all, the clothes were no smaller so here we are.  She turned down the big hairy wig so our little soldier has long blonde hair under her three cornered hat.

Just a bit of "ship watching" fortunately there were no galleons invading Kent so we were able to just keep an eye out.

Nanny said that this came from a Sycamore tree and explained all about the seeds, next thing I spotted was the firing range so off we went.

We  all had a go of this, the idea was to fire the table tennis ball through the hole in the ship....... most of the time we were lucky to hit the picture.
A length of blue cord had to be tugged back hard so that the ball sat in the end of the cannon then the trigger was released and out flew the ball.  Loads of fun.............

All that remained was to keep collecting the balls, putting them back in the big white box and starting all over again.

Well after that we went and collapsed in a Pub and had our lunch before heading off to the Dockside Outlet to do a bit of shopping which all girls like.

Thanks for dropping by.

nit nite, luv Mike. XX

Ps, My computer is blue screening so I may not be about until it's fixed.


  1. Looks as though you all had a lovely day.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful post Mike ... looks like a delightful day !
    Eileen xx

  3. 5 up Mike is the best, Daisy looks good in that outfit.

    Not sure how you broke Vista unless you have a faulty Hard drive. That would be a pain but if you have backed it up you should be ok.

  4. You've made special memories here Mike,
    Daisy looks so pretty in those outfits !
    Hope the computer's alright ?
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Thanks for the comments, we have transferred to Sue's computer so all should be fine.

    Carry on as usual. xx