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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Four Today!!

Hi folks,

Daisy is four today, on Tuesday we had a visit to the park, as the weather wasn't too good we needed to stay near the car. As I am nearly 66 I used a telephoto lens watching her going backwards and forwards and round and round at lightening speed around the park.

First the slide, up and down she went time and time again.

Good job she had her tights on.

Down the tube, down and down and down.

Then it was time to swing, swing, swing!

Then something which she hadn't tried before "The tyre ride", she met a boy who declared that he "was called Nathan", he was a bit bigger than Daisy and they took turns riding down and hauling the tyre back with Sues' help.  Really a fun time and Sue was pleased when Nathan's' mum thanked her for helping him. 

Then it was time for some rock climbing...

I could not resist including this one, we had been for a drink and to see the ducks and geese, I just caught sight of her waiting at the gate.  She wasn't crying but I think she was a bit worn out and the tail end of her chicken pox blemishes showed up well in the light.  Not one for a frame but she looks in need of some sympathy. xx

Here she was discussing shopping and tea making with a mum who was sitting in the little seating area.  She was explaining all about it and demonstrating how it was all done, just one more enlightened mother that Daisy has met.

Just to finish with my favourite of the day.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Daisy, see you at the weekend for your party.

Thanks for dropping in on my little birthday girl.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Oh wow .. super,super pictures here Mike... Daisy will have a great time when she is older looking at how she grew up, on Granddads Blog !
    Lovely stuff ... Happy Birthday Daisy xxx

  2. When is Daisy going to start her own blog? she will have 1000's of followers. She is a fun loving girl.

    Well done Mike for putting this up!

  3. Daisy looks like she was having a great time. what was she in jail for,3rg photo from the end.

  4. It is always such a pleasure, popping by your blog !!!
    What a lovely 'Birthday girl' she is......Surely a model in the making.........
    Hope she had a wonderful birthday Mike !!!
    Chris and Dave R
    by the way....Great action shots !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ Eileen, that's a wonderful thought. x
    @ Trev, in about two years when she can read and write.
    @ Margaret, no stuck behind a gate. x
    @ Chris, She will make a cracking model. x
    Thanks all for your lovely comments.