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Friday, 6 July 2012

Tilbury Fort, Essex

Hi folks,
on the third day of Daisy we had to go the this Fort as during the school holidays it will be busy and owing to the fact she starts school in September we had to make the effort to go today.

We parked up in Gravesend and headed for the Ferry which as you can see is a small affair and having an under five and two bus passes it was free.

Daisy had not been on a boat before and was a little apprehensive but soon got used to the idea and enjoyed the short trip.

After a short walk we arrived at the Fort, there were supposed to be lots of birds about but the only sign of one was the mess on the sign which I tried to clean off.

It had a massive front gate which overlooked the river to impress passers by

Inside were a few modern anti aircraft guns left over from the Second World War.

Guns were also protecting the river, Gravesend in the distance........

interspersed with really old ones.

Daisy playing the numbers game. Just behind her is the boundary between East and West Tilbury, you can just make the line out in the cobbles.

Nanny, where are all the other numbers?  1...2...3...??

Then through the Copper doors............

and along the passage to the ........................

well that's it for tonight, hopefully the computer which is a bit poorly will hold up until tomorrow.

nite nite , luv mike XX


  1. Now I am very curious......I shall hold my breath till the next instalment !!!
    Great post again Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Good blog Mike, love them all

  3. Can't wait until tonight's episode. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.You were lucky with the weather.

  4. Hi Mike, off on our hols ,early in the morning ! So regrettably cannot comment for a couple of weeks !!! Dont posess a laptop thingy............Shall get up to date when we return , all the best,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. You two have a lovely break and have a good time.
      Thanks for all your nice comments, it makes it all worthwhile
      Luv Mike XX

  5. Very interesting post Mike and little Daisy makes it even better!
    Eileen xxx