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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Phew, here's hoping!!

Hi folks,

just a quick test to see if all ok re computer.

Just putting the machine through it's paces with loads of things all going on at the same time.

Daisy at Upnor last week.

Thanks to Trev for the PSU

Sorry, hope normal service will be resumed.

Have a good day, Luv, Mike XX


  1. Well it looks ok Mike, Fingers xxxx that it is still ok next week.

    Hit it hard.

  2. Glad your back. My printer is at PCworld hospital waiting repair.

  3. Lovely pictures of the model aeroplanes Mike. Liked the Lancaster Bomber very much. We had a lovely cruise and are now both on a mission to lose weight so we are strictly eating every 4 hours and starting with breakfast. We both have more energy already.