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Friday, 13 July 2012

"Hang On a Minute Lads,..........

Hi folks,

After dropping Daisy back to Jelly Beans we thought as it was a nice afternoon we could go to see that famous Coach at Bexhill. Being in Ashford we were not that far away and after making sandwiches off we went to the coast. As we got close the weather decides to do it's usual thing and rain on us. We stopped in a lay by to have our lunch before heading off to Bexhill.

On arriving we went to see Margaret's Coach from the Italian Job.

Up in the Restaurant it looked strange through the window.

Outside at ground level you got the true effect.

from the Sun Desk, with not much SUN!

Looking up from the ground, quite realistic really.

Our Sue on the tiles again.

View from the sea just to give an idea of the height, it swayed up and down as in the film.

............I've Got a Great Idea"..................

Well worth a visit although it's a shame about the girder it should have been painted white to blend in with the building.

Hope you like our trip to the De La Warr Pavilion more of the building tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX 


  1. Ooo this is fun Mike.. I used to work down in Bexhill so I know the building well... I saw this item on the news last week fab idea,I hope they get loads of visitors and fab pictures .. cheers Mike ! x

  2. Me to, saw it on the news. The Mini race is the best accept for Steve Mcqueen in Bullet

  3. Glad you got to Bexhill. I thought it was spectacular.didn't think much of the modern art.

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments.

  5. Brilliant Mike....I've never seen this before.....
    Another great tour from you Mike !
    Sue on the tiles ?..........NEVER !!
    Chris and Dave R