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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hi folks,
well what a funny Wednesday that was. We had a play with Daisy early in the morning, then Margaret came plus Gill and Keith for tea. Back to Ashford to Jellybean's then out for the afternoon.
by the time we got home it was late and I must confess I fell asleep.

Anyway in the morning Daisy had a game with Nanny.

First a cuddle.

Followed by a screaming game which was a lot of fun, well at least Daisy enjoyed it.

We dont normally encourage this but she was having so much fun.

Well, short and sweet today, thanks for looking.

Have a great day, luv Mike XX


  1. A bit of fun does you good! Super pictures Mike xx

  2. Poor Mike Daisy wore him out, hee he

    I bet she loved it making all that noise.

    Lovely pictures Mike

  3. It was the Row Your Boat song where,

    "If you see a crocodile, don't forget to SCREAM"

    so she looked at Granddad and screamed for the camera, she had a Whale of a time, if you pardon the pun. xx

  4. Bless her heart....I bet she enjoyed that !!
    Lovely shots Mike !
    Chris and Dave R