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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tilbury Fort, the conclusion.

Hi folks,

well lets see what behind those copper doors, you guessed it............

Gunpowder all stacked up in special areas under large earth mounds.

Gunpowder in store behind the Copper Doors to protect it from sparks. The soldiers had to change into cotton to avoid explosions and leave there uniforms behind a special gate.

Gunpowder casks.

Back outside, Daisy's gun with the numbers she lost.

Inner bridge leading to the Ravelin and Island leading to the Outer Moat with a second bridge to the Landport gate. This is all at the rear of the Fort on the land side, the front is protected by the river.

On the top of the Fort wall where loads of Poppies in the grass.

Looking across the water I spied the new Mosque in Gravesend with it's white domes and gold minarets catching the sun.

Has to put this one in for Trev and Eileen, the reflection for Trev and the Power station for Eileen.

After a very nice lunch in the Worlds End which was quite ironic really . As we finished our lunch lots of people in black clothes came in after a funeral for a wake.

Right back to the Ferry after a walk along the Riverside and a wonderful end to a perfect three Days with Daisy.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Phew !!! I can breath again now......You did'nt think we would disappear off into the sunset.....
    (WHAT SUNSET ? I here you ask), before seeing the next episode, did you ...............
    Great Post Mike...Love the poppies and the P.S.

    1. This is a close as we have ever been to a Power Station and could not resist a nice shot of it. Have a great holiday, look forward to your return, hope to see some pictures from Dave. xx

  2. Where is Daisy? Another lovely blogg.

  3. Yup, that is a lovely shot of the PS but I don't think it is Purbeck as I first thought.

    1. No Trevor, it is Tilbury Power Station next door to Tilbury Fort and the Tilbury to Gravesend Ferry!

  4. What a super post ... lovely pictures Mike as always.. Poppies and wild Daisies are my fav flowers so that was so good to see... I even forgive you the PS! That mosque in Gravesend is really something and includes rooms in there for every religion to go and visit!
    lovely post
    Eileen xx

  5. The clouds on the bridge came out very well better than the others well done.