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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sea Side, well sort of.

Hi folks,
After our busy day yesterday and a lie in today, Sue cooked me a nice birthday breakfast and we set off for somewhere quite as I did not want to get caught in any traffic jams on a hot Sunday. We arrived at this place and I met a chap there who said" we have lived in Chatham for over 40 years and this is the first time we have been here". Well I thought, that's a good start, we hadn't either.

First thing is that we got buzzed by the Navy, what an inhospitable place have we have come to said Sue but the sun was out so who cares.

Have you guessed where we are yet??

This will give it away a couple of dogs run along this wall and watch the fishermen drowning worms.

There is a bit of rust around this place as well.

There is also a wanted poster of a retired lady who makes cards although her picture did not do her justice, her new job is picking up litter along the sea front and the town.

I really wish I had stayed at home with all these people milling about, still the sun was out and it was peaceful.

There you go, a few sniffs along here. Hint hint.

Opps what's this thing sticking out of the bushes?

We meandered back to the car taking casual pictures of plants or weeds on the way back,

Right you nature lovers, this is a Teasel, I know that I use one to clean my Suede shoes but the question is  the purple starting of finishing of the plants life.

Lastly a Thistle, looks like it's been there a while with the cobwebs.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Oi... why you no come over for a birthday cuppa ????? Ken was over there in the morning so was Barney! What a surprise... I spotted it on the third picture .. Nice one Mike ...pleased the weather was good for your visit .... Now.. thinking about it, Ken went over for another visit later with the girls and could not get into the carpark !! So he came back and went to the forest.... I bet you and Sue were there and he missed you ... :(

  2. Sorry Eileen, we should have rung but I thought it was unkind as the racing woz on. Never mind perhaps another day. Could bring Daisy to meet Daisy. XX

  3. I hope that you took your passport with you, as you know what these Ex-chathamites are like. lol.
    I like the first one and the wild flowers are great.

    No comment on the PS by you know who!

    Cell still off this morning!

  4. Was it the Isle of Grain, or some where near by.

  5. As I understand it the Teasel flowers purple then tuns to the brown spiky thing we know. But I might be wrong it has been known you know!

    1. Thanks Steven, I think you are right, must be Purple then go brown.

  6. A day of celebration for your birthday ! We also celebrated our 35th
    wedding anniversary !! Anyway you dont look a day over 40 !!!! A lovely post Mike, hope you had a good birthday ........
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Flattery will get you everywhere Chriss.
      Congrats on your 35th. XXX