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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bombs Away!

Hi folks,
Well what a Saturday in the South East, wet, wet, wet. Sunday comes and I sheepishly looked out the window to see a glimpse, only a glimpse mind you of SUNSHINE. Where shall we go?, County Show, nar. I think we will go to the Island I said, so off we went to an old spot of mine Bartons Point; on Sheppey, I used to fly kites there.

What's on at Bartons Point you ask, well I didn't know but when we arrived we found  a Model Air Show was on. It was a bit muddy but after parking up on the road we walked in to the event. (I'm not silly), and it was free.

Lots of models there including a Lancaster Bomber, yes you heard right. More about that later.

I liked this biplane with all it's nice colours.

I noticed this funny white plane on the ground that looked like a man. If you look closely you will just see the propeller by the case, This intrigued me as I am a kite flyer and it looked like a motorized kite!!

Well knock me down with a feather it actually flies, love the baseball cap.

Here she is, the Bomber, wonderful detail and weighed 42 kilos, will it fly? well........

here she goes, one wheel up, engines full throttle.

Oi, mind me head!

Well all ready to do at least 5 minutes in the air and it was a wonderful sight.

Back on the ground were more planes all ready to enthral you tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Cor blimey! ... wonderful post Mike.. super pictures of unusual flying beauties!! Love it ! Eileen x

  2. They look real in the air Mike, well done.

    Looks like rain again today

  3. Glad you were brave enough to venture out. and take these wonderful photos,. the model aeroplanes look real.

  4. Oh, what luck, to find this model air show on.....
    Wonderful shots the 'flying man' !!!
    Chris and Dave R