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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Daisy's Pre Birthday Party

Hi folks,

As you know we have Daisy Tuesday/Wednesday each week and it is her birthday tomorrow, she will be four.

Margaret came and gave Daisy the balloon that she had admired and been allowed to hold for nearly a year, since her own birthday.  I am sure that Daisy doesn't realise that it was Margaret's own balloon that she is now allowed to take home.

Gillian and Keith arrived first with a present and card, then Margaret came with a present, card and a beautiful pink cake, she was over the moon with excitement.

Margaret made this wonderful sponge cake with buttercream and jam filling, the candles were blown out several times and we all sang "Happy Birthday to Daisy".

Well it was party time with Sue, Margaret, Keith and Gillian all waiting for the candles to be blown out.

Blow Daisy, Blow.

Daisy trying a small piece before going to Jelly Beans, her day nursery in Ashford.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike. XX


  1. Happy Birthday little one, have a lovely day. It's a pleasure to know you. xx

  2. Happy birthday from me as well, love you loads Granddad XXX

  3. She is growing up fast Mike, Happy Birthday to Daisy

  4. Happy birthday Daisy ... have a good time. My Daisy and her sister Holly send Happy Birthday *woofs* xxx
    Good pictures Granddad!

  5. That little sweetheart has some wonderful facial expressions !!!
    Happy birthday little poppit............Such a lovely post Mike !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Thanks all for your lovely comments we had a great time, Roll on Saturday and we can do it all again.