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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rye Harbour

Hi folks,

I will continue our trip in Rye with a glimpse of the the town from a different perspective.

This is the Ypres Tower which houses the Rye Museum from which is on top of the hill in the town.
This shot was taken from the Harbour looking up the hill, note the house rooftops on the foreground.

One of the many anchors scattered about the Harbour area.

Ferryman's cottage, Ronmey Marsh sheep used to swim the Rother from the marshes whilst the shepherd was taken across in a boat. Not only did the sheep have to swim but also the sheepdog as the shepherd had to pay extra for the dog. Unfortunately new buildings were erected behind.
A bridge across the Rother was not built till 1890 and there was a market in the town of Rye to sell the sheep.

Back in the car we headed out to the Rye village, parked up beside and walked along  the tow path towards the sea. 

  Different type of Thistle.

Later the tide was in and the fishing boats started to make there way out to sea.

Whilst sailing boats were making there way in to moor for the evening. Note the new Windmills on Romney Marsh behind.

On the right as you walk out there is a bird reserve with various waders about but alas they were to far away to photograph.

Inside the hide were wonderful; areas of salt flats but I think because the tide was in they were all further out. I might have a trip out with Trev and have a try some time when the tide is right.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I have only driven through Rye and never stopped. This blog makes me want to go and see more of it.

    I love the castle and the shot across the salt flats.

  2. Hi Trev, yes it's very nice, I did comment about a trip down there on the blog, we will have to talk about it.
    Tried to redo the blog to loose the blocks but they are there so I have deleted the background colour as in Kens blog.

  3. Life is full of surprises, we never went out to find so much that we hadn't seen before.
    Sheep obviously have an in built skill of swimming, just think they would have been herded into the water with the sheep dog and then guided across by the farmer and ferryman to the market to be sold for lamp chops? If they had only known it would have been like "Chicken Run" if you saw the film.
    It was a lovely walk and there were crowds on the beach over the channel of the river.

  4. Rye is a brilliant place ..Thanks for the post here Mike .. Glad you enjoyed your walk Sue...I love the shot of the Fisherman's cottage x
    PS F1 today Mike ... woohoo!

  5. A beautiful post Mike, with some amazing pics......We cannot decide on a favourite.......They are all so 'GOODE'.....Sorry about the play on words !!
    hugs to you both,
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Another wonderful blog.didn't know that sheep could swim. the salt flats are lovely. Britain is great when the sun shines.

  7. Thanks again all my trusty followers, I have removed the grey background as my blog is getting old and I cant do much with it.xx