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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quirky London Part 4

Hi folks,

Well that's what was through the door?

You guessed it.................Tower Bridge, BUT look closely, what do you see, apart from the usual landmarks? Can you can see the Olympic Rings in the closed position? and also GREEN on the barges in the foreground. Let's investigate further.

Hey, that's a huge bike rack on water.

The bike rack from a different angle shows a mini town of boats.

The old sailing barge in the foreground, behind shows old barges filled with soil lashed together and gardens growing out of them. There is a walkway through the garden to be boats moored at the edge of the Barge Garden.

Another view looking towards Canary Wharf, the green goes on and on. Such a unusual sight I think actually ON the river.

Bridge between the Wharfs, see plaque below.

This is a wonderful modern swing bridge all made of stainless steel.

History of the port and the swing bridge. Amazing what you learn reading these signs

Return leg back to London Bridge going under Tower Bridge and the Cafe in it's bowels never noticed that before.

remember the man asleep on the..............

Back at London Bridge, this was one of my favourites a Thames Barge, the Gladys.

That ends my tour of quirky London, thanks for coming along.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. A nice little walk by the Thames, as I didn't go this time it was good to see the sights that I missed. Really interesting and I liked the gardens, oh and the Thames Barge, I didn't know there were so many still about. xx

  2. Fabulous Tour Mike !!! I really enjoyed it ...........
    So what's next ? Cant wait to see what your next post is ???
    nite nite,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Er, I think you have caught me out, although Daisy is here for two nights.
      I think I will pass the hat round to go on another trip.
      Thanks for your nice comments. XXX

  3. I have not been to that part of London Mike, nice blog

  4. Oooo I loved this post Mike ... great tour for me ... I saw the greenery on the barges of course, but I could not spot the Olympic rings you mentioned in the first picture ... missed 'em somehow!
    Eileen xx

  5. They are underneath the cross member on the top of the bridge Eileen. Click on the picture to enlarge and you can just see them.