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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bring me Sunshine !!

Hi folks,

well what a couple of days, my computer started to play about and in the end gave up yesterday. With the help of Ian my son and Trev who supplied a power supply I am now back keeping everything crossed that it will be ok.

As the weather has been so bad I looked back to last month and found these few taken at the Malta Inn a couple of weeks ago.

We walked along the tow path and noticed this lovely chap on a barge moored along side the river, a very friendly fellow he was too.

Looking down stream from the Malta Inn on a very tranquil river looking towards Maidstone.

House beside the river with the lock keepers house was next door.

This narrow boat was giving blind children trips along the river into Maidstone with stops at Whatman Park along the way. The boat was designed by the lady in the foreground with a hydraulic lift on the front to help the children off. Note the washing machine, she seems set for all eventuality's.

We crossed the weir and noticed workmen repairing the sluice gates below, seemed a very cold job being up to your waist in water even in the summer.

As they were finishing off we waited awhile as then the gates where opened allowing loads of water through causing a loud noise.

Hope the sunshine brightens your day, thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Very nice blog Mike. How peaceful the river looked, great

  2. Beautiful pictures and so nice to see a time with no rain ... what is going on with jet stream !! Glad your PC is fixed .
    Eileen xx

  3. Lets hope the sun shines when we go on our boat trip.

  4. Lovely shots the pussy cat !!
    Chris and Dave R