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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Allington Lock, Maidstone

Hi Folks,

On Wednesday the three Musketeers ventured if you remember to the Malta car park to have our daily fix of photography. The light was a bit naff due to the lateness of the day, we left our Sue reading her Kindle in the car and off we trotted. Where is everyone? the place was deserted as you well see there is not a single sole walking into the pictures, MAGIC.

First stop was the Lock keepers hut. A quaint little place opposite the lock keepers house  that Trev showed the other day.

Holding back the water, at the time we were there not much activity at the lock.

Sluice gates and Weir before the lock. Really eerie here, all you could hear was the sound of running water.

 As I arrived as if on cue, two magnificent Swans came out of the water to greet me. These Swans were not at all timid , this chap wanted to peck the lens.

These two are in love. After a few shots these two pressed themselves together. In the shot above you can make out the mark on their white fronts were they touched.

The light was starting to fade. Looking up the River from the Malta Inn.

Lights are coming on.

The Malta inn from across the river.

Close up with the 7mm lens, the picture has a bit of distortion as the lens is not on a flat plane.

Looks very inviting and warm in there, but time to go home.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Yus ... your pictures are magic ... Love the swans and it's always a bonus when there is no one around to get in the way! You and Trev provide great blogging entainment Mike ... Thanks xx

  2. Hi Mike, lovely post, get a real feel of the place
    love the two swans !
    chris and Dave R

  3. The lock keeper's hut and the last on came out well Mike seeing that it was the end of the day

  4. The swans ones are beautiful, and I like the atmosphere of the last one Mike.

  5. Thank you all for you nice comments.XX