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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rawhide, the concluding part.

Hi folks,

Well I enjoyed yesterday so much I thought I would put a few more up and some as Sue calls it "Scenes".

Eileen says that I was wearing a coat that was not acceptable to wildlife, I never thought of that but I think it paid off. We could not understand why they were following us. I think it was the RED coat as (red rag to a bull) springs to mind. The Rangers were nowhere in site, no one was giving them food so it must have been the coat.

What a wonderful place this is Mushrooms,  Heathland, lots of broken trees, Horses and of course the Longhorns.

What a lovely spectacle, makes a change from chewing the grass. "Get away with that red coat on".

Well where is Trev?, can you see him behind the gate, come on Trev they won't bite.

This is what greeted us as we arrived to find the cattle. It was a lovely bright sunny day be it a bit muddy. Where are my boots I here you say? well at home with my GREEN coat, I am a silly chump.

The woodland is spectacular in it's own right, with lots of broken trees .

This poor tree is being eaten alive.

Same tree but a bit closer rotting away.

Gate to the cattle, the sun was low in the sky even before we met the Longhorns,

Sun through the trees.

On our way back to the car, so many pictures in the camera it was bulging at the seams.

This tree, I could not believe, it had blown over and started to grow vertical again, isn't nature wonderful?

The sun setting behind the trees so it's time to finish.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX (without his red coat on).


  1. Huh! Lovely, lovely pictures Mike but I know for a fact if you had been wearing your GREEN coat you would have seen soooo much more wild life. Eagles, Buzzards, Bearded Tits! They were ALL there but stayed away hiding cos of your RED for DANGER coat ! lol The cows are daft creatures and colour blind anyway ... so they were following you cos they were bored not cos they fancied you in that RED coat! lol :) xx

  2. Its great at Hothfield Common. The Bogs are nationally important and support several very rare species. The woodland used to be wonderful full of large old beech trees. Most were felled by the great storm of 87 and the top end of the reserve has not been the same since. Must go there again as we have not been there for years. Great series of pictures though Mike they really capture the feel of the place.

  3. Look when a ton of Sunday lunch is coming at you any gate will do. As for not biting don't be too sure, they are wild animals.

    A nice one of the gate that led to the field.

  4. "A nice one of the gate that led to the field.", Thanks Trev isn't it funny, I showed you that shot and we both agreed that it looked rubbish in camera on the screen.

    @ ekim, thanks Mike, as we travel to Ashford every Wednesday it's a great place to go, will wear a green coat next time.

  5. Definitely feel the atmosphere of the place through your pics......A great post Mike !
    Chris and Dave R