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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Silly Saturday and the Eclipse.

Hi folks,

Well what a day Saturday turned out to be. First off had to take Sue to Aylesford as she was working in Homebase, you know the one that burnt down last year and is newly rebuilt, fine store it is too. Her car is still not fixed so I had to take her there. New part promised for Saturday and would arrive when I got back home. On the way back I stopped at the top of Bluebell hill to get a shot of the town in the valley below.

As it was early and the frost was still about I got this of Aylesford with all the factories letting off stream.

Really pleasant up there and nice and quiet with only the sound of a dog handler training his dog.

You can see that there is still a large amount of frost laying about where it is shaded by the trees.

So I thought I had better get home to fit the part to Sues' car. I got changed and started to finish her car off as much as possible until the part turned up. The part duly arrived only to be wrong AGAIN, what do I do now?  I phoned the Main Agent and was assured that the part would be with me on Tuesday morning, so there was nothing for it but to go out again and take some more pictures!  Could have done more to the Loo but the weather was too nice!

Rang Trev, and over he came, we drove to Aylesford to have a photo shoot before we had to pick Sue up at 2 pm. Here are a couple of shots I took.

This shot taken from the "new" bridge.

This was taken on the "old", now pedestrian bridge.

As you know we came home and decided to photograph the Eclipse, well its a long story but I missed it. It came up from behind the houses and was past its' best when we noticed it and by the time I had got into position it had gone. So this is all I got right at the end of it. Still I know what to expect next time. By this time Trev and I were freezing cold so we went to the Chippy for tea.

BTW the Loo is nearly finished, I got up at 5am and finished it. Got to titivate a few bits then it's all done.  "Three cheers" said Sue, me I said "Four cheers".

Thanks for looking.

Off for lunch.

Bye bye for now luv Mike XX


  1. lovely pictures, no birds, the weather looked very cold, hope you were dressed up warm.

  2. Hip, hip.........

    Nice one of the factories Mike

    I still think the Moon should be in a Hammer film.
    Good what...
    And no Power stations Margaret.

  3. Some nice reflection shots Mike !
    congrats on finishing the loo..... I bet susie is happy !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    @ Chris & Dave, Yes Susie is over the moon, get it. lol

    @ Margaret, yes we wrapped up warm.

    @ Trev.....Boo

  5. Five cheers from me Mike for the pictures of Aylesford ... lovely shots ... like them a lot!

    Hope you and Trev had your vest's on ! lol xxx

  6. Loved the shot from the 'Old Bridge' the only thing that would improve it would be a Graduated ND Filter on the sky. Super composition.
    BTW Holly says do they serve chicken there?

  7. @ Daisy G, Thanks for the comment, yes I agree, at the time it was a bit of a rush as we had to pick Sue up 20 minutes later. I will chuck it into Lightroom and do it that way. Thanks for the tip.

    Yes Tubby they do serve Chicken there. lol