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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Daisy meets Daisy and Father Christmas

Hi folks,

Well it's Tuesday again so that means Daisy.  Sue had booked her in to see the 3D cartoon show and to meet Father Christmas. You may recall the Daisy "doesn't like Father Christmas" although she waved at him last week in Maidstone.  My dont that bloke get about.

Anyway we set off  and had lunch at the Savacentre before the film show and meeting Santa.  We went past the Grotto about an hour before she was due to go in to get her used to the area. Low and behold Santa was there and gave Daisy a wave, great we thought, cracked it.

Daisy outside the Grotto

Daisy then went with Sue to book in and get the tickets then like magic it happened, the Elf who was the helper also had the name Daisy and they soon gelled and became the best of friends.

Into Cinema we went and Daisy donned her 3D specs and loved the show, holding her very large specs up to her face all the time the cartoon was showing and really enjoyed it. Picture a bit naff due to the light inside.

Then it was crunch time, what would she think on that bearded portly man dressed in red? Well Daisy the Elf took Daisy's hand and stayed with her whilst he asked her some questions about presents and to our amazement she sat next to him to have her photograph taken and even smiled. I got told off for taking this one but what the heck.

Santa gave Daisy her present and off she trotted with her new "best" friend Daisy the Elf. Look at the smile on her face.

I really admired the help and feeling that Daisy the Elf put into the proceedings and I thanked her for her understanding and pleasant nature. The whole experience was Great.

Daisy is now tucked up in bed dreaming about Christmas a very happy little girl.

I'm going to bed dreaming about Daisy the Elf lol

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I bet you only took Daisy so you could see Father Christmas and tell what you wanted for christmas. lovely pictures.

  2. It only cost me an extra £2 to take Michael so quite good value but he didn't get a present from "The Man". Well worth going, the 15 minute 3D film was really well done and Daisy kept those glasses held for all that time.
    The Elf was lovely and little Daisy had no problem and wasn't afraid of Father Christmas as she has been for the past year plus.

  3. Hi Mike and Susie, so lovely to see Daisy having a positive experience ! looks like you all had a good time....lovely post Mike !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Well done what a lovely day out, see you later

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    No "the Man" didn't give me a present, I only got a telling of for taking the photo. XX

  6. Oh Mike what a super day for little Daisy ... so many memories from when my kids were small .... lovely pictures of a happy time ... No comment abt Elf Daisy !! xxxx