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Monday, 19 December 2011

Walk around outside Rochester Cathedral

Hi folks,

As I showed imaged from the Market yesterday I thought I would give you a tour of the grounds at the side of the Cathedral which are very pretty in the Summer but keep there charm in the winter.

Candle placed by the side gate at the entrance to the grounds.

Side door into the Cathedral.

Statue of Madonna and child.

From the Statue looking towards the Cathedral.

In amazement I find a single Red Rose that is still growing after 2 days of heavy frost so this is next years growth already in flower as the plant has already been pruned.

On exiting the garden I looked across at the magnificent Castle.

This wooden Sculpture of a Monk is in the Vines and is now a bit worst for wear. Carved from a felled tree in the 1987 storm.

As promised here is the hat as worn by my lovely wife Sue. (it fits like a drum on a pea)

Another sunset image from the top of Bluebell Hill.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX



  1. Good post Mike.. nice clear shots .. the rose is a beautiful colour... interesting stuff... My fav shot is Sue and 'the hat'! They must have sold hundreds of these cos every other person in Allhallows has one as well!x

    Ps Ken has gone out early this morning and Holly has retired back to bed to get some more sleep! but Daisy is crying !! Bless her gonna give her extra cuddles!

  2. That hat woz only £15 that's why everyone is wearing them, I thought it was a steal at that price but I do look a twit in it. Never mind all good fun, as long as people get a laugh at my expense, I dont

    Poor Daisy , my Daisy wants to come over and give her a cuddle. (she is staying two nights this week) what a bonus.

  3. Nice picture of Sue in the hat Mike.

    Poor Daisy, please give her a cuddle from me Eileen.