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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rochester Dickens Christmas Market.

Hi folks,

What a grey day to go to the Market, still we decided to get out and have a go at the market. We parked the car and walked into Rochester as it started to rain. The weather and the wind was freezing so I bought, at Sues' disgust a Russian Fur Hat. The hat was a godsend and if you tune in tomorrow you might get a look, or possibly the day after.

As you can see it was a bit grotty to use a proper English term. The weather kept a lot of visitors away which in a way photography wise was a good thing.

This was at 12.30 pm that's coming up to lunchtime and the sky was full of rain, still onwards and upwards as they say and I had my  fur hat to keep me warm.

This couple entered into the spirit of the event and dressed up accordingly

This is silly I thought here we are in the rain, by this time the sleet had stopped and the visitors started to arrive so it could only get better as long as I kept the damp out of the camera.

Sure enough the rain stopped and we were greeted by the Oompah Band marching through the event adding a nice musical theme, cheering everybody up.

The Ferris Wheel started to revolve although I bet the seats were wet, I can see blue sky!

Looking towards that famous castle.

This one is for Daisy and Holly, a lovely young boxer of the dog variety.

Well here we have the stars of the show in their wonderful costumes who are always willing to pose for pictures.

At 2 pm the clouds were forming and rolling in again.

On the way home we went via Burham as we had noticed the sun and the wonderful cloud formations. We stopped off at the picnic area on the top of the North Downs and took this.

Well, that's yer lot, thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. where there many stalls at the market, I was told that most of the stall were much the same, and very expensive, lovely pictures of the sunset at burham.

  2. Love the band and the sun through the clouds Mike

  3. Glad the weather improved a little for your day Mike ... can't wait to see the hat! loved all the pictures and agree with Trev and Margaret ... the Sunset is just .... gorgeous! xx