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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lunchtime Date with Silver Dish!

Hi folks,

Another day of work, up at 7am to do an MOT, Trev then bless him took Sue to Aylesford whilst I checked over her car after it's major operation, all fine and hunky dory. (Her head wont fall off in a hurry),

 Did a few bits then Trev returned form Aylesford and I smartened myself up to meet Eileen for lunch.

Now Ellieen is a good friend of many years standing, about 30 . She is a Radio Ham and is married to Ken and the have two adorable puppies called Daisy and Holly. ( you can follow them on my front page link).

We have all been Citizen Band radio operators,in the past me with handles, me  being Blademaster, Sue - Microwave, Trev - Limpet, Ken - Nomad and Eileen - Silver Dish, we all then became Licensed Hams together except for Trev who was licensed earlier. A lot of messages have gone under the bridge since then with lots of fun in the process.

Eileen is also into card making, (her link is also on my front page). She makes the most beautiful cards I have ever seen and she made one for Sue for Christmas, and she LOVES IT!.

We sat for about an hour chatting about old times.

Trev having a cuddle

My turn, we had a lovely time and too soon time ran out and we had to part and get on with our days.

Thanks for looking.

bye bye, luv Mike XX


  1. Eileen won't thank you for the 30 years you know Mike. LOL

    Two very nice pictures. (I like mine best) Hee he

  2. I forgive him Trev cos he paid for lunch!
    Super meeting up wiv you both I really enjoyed it.. thank you Mike x

    I'm glad Sue likes the card. I love making them and I hope that shows in my work.

    I will blog the card tomorrow if I get time. However,I am putting it on FB tonight!

    I think it would be a good idea to meet up more often when the weather gets warmer, I know you lot and Kendo go out a lot at the moment but I hate the cold!

    We could all go 'walkies' now and again with Daisy and Holly! What do you think?
    Btw Sue's camera takes smashing pictures!

  3. I too think a link up and a regular walk would keep us all in good trim and especially as we all enjoy taking photos ....

    Great pictures of you all in Boomers that great meeting place !!!

  4. I have linked to your blog Mike. Told everyone it's the place to go to see me getting a cuddle or two!! lol

    Yep Charles... we could all be 'The Snappy Ramblers' lol xxx

  5. Hi all good name that "The Snappy Ramblers".

    Lovely to see you today Eileen must as you say do it again.

    Sue's camera takes quite good pictures but it's My lens. he he.

    Hope you had a good trip Charles, look forward to the pictures.

    Trev said he likes his best, do you mean your pic with Eileen or the photo you took of me.

    Thanks all for the comments XX

  6. Hello Eileen, send her up here to wales, I will cuddle her, great to see you again. AS for walking Charles, well I did 8 miles this morning via a bacon roll and coffee in down town merthyr tydfil. And its mild here, where's this snow they forecasted.

  7. Hi Ken, you spoke to soon, it's snowing here, I kid you not!