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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Late trip to the Riverside

Ho folks,

Hope you all had a nice Christmas, we did but as usual ate too much so this afternoon we decided to go shopping for some bits for the Loo to finish it off,. Bits like Toilet Brush and Soap Dishes, you know the sought of thing. We popped into PC world and I would not believe there was a recession on, loads of electrical stuff was walking out the door and the shop was packed. Enough I said lets go to the Marina and take some pictures.  After a trip to the Range and a cup of coffee we went for a walk along the riverside.

It was about 3.15pm when we arrived so here is Upnor Castle with very little light, still we had a bit of daylight left so on we trotted along the path.

Here is the Pier Pub from across the water, it looked rather inviting and warm inside.

As we walked along we found this lonely Swan obviously wanting some food but was unlucky. He then continued upstream towards Chatham.

The light was fading fast as we walked past the end on the flood defence wall which petered out to this rather nice end Sculpture of Rope in stone.

The lights were coming on at Eileen's favourite Power Station in the distance.

We then turned around as it was starting to get gold and windy to head back to the car.

On our way back I took this of the Yacht Club across the river with the water as still as a Mill pond.

Anyway, I had my photo fix for the day and as Sue commented the nights are now getting shorter so it will soon be Spring, now there's a thought to end on.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I'm glad you went shopping Mike and then got fed up wiv it ! cos it's good to see the pictures you have taken instead ... love the Yacht Club lights. We have visited that pub a few times! Over the MOON that you included Grain power Station ... very thoughtful of you!

  2. Nice picture of the yacht club and I like the refection of the PS, well done.

  3. Lovely day for walking off the christmas food, lovely pictures of upnor and the marina,especially the ones by night.enjoy reading your daily blogg.