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Friday, 16 December 2011

Short Sharp Stop at Charing

Hi folks,

Me again, just a quick blog of our jaunt to Charing on the way back from Ashford with Sue and the elusive Trevor.

First off the Church.

And this one for Kendo..................

This is after it's had to much to eat at Crimble.

It's amazing what Lightroom can do.

This was a bit spooky in the Graveyard, eat your heart out Michael J.

As we left I spotted this little darling tied up without an owner. Really like his Coat.

Well that's it for tonight as I am helping Trev via the phone line to get to grips with new software.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite,luv Mike XX


  1. Sorry to nit pick but its Charing not Charring!

  2. Good post Mike .. You can really get interested in your surroundings when you have a camera...
    Love the sweet!

    What you up to wiv trevor then ;) x

  3. @ Eileen, well it's like this, he I now on a learning curve wif Lightroom an Adobe Post Processing programme that I use and is on a roll. Bless IM, he is picking it up very well. As we have a free house phones we communicate that way, great fun. XX (should use Radio really but wot the heck)

  4. Thanks for you help tonight Mike.

  5. The blog is great, I like the fat church

  6. Nice to see that church again, spent many hours working in Charing area and plenty of stories come to mind including suicide and Break ins and an eclipse of the sun once when I was there.

  7. I hope people weren't committing suicide cos Ken was in the area!

  8. Pleased that you and Trev are having fun. Never too old to learn are we!