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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Daisy takes over Maidstone

Hi folks,

Well here we are again Tuesday and you all know what that means.

So after saying goodbye to Daddy we loaded the car and set off for Maidstone to take back one of her Christmas presents that her other Nanny had bought as well. My was the town busy, no sign of a recession here, the shops were heaving and it was only Tuesday and a week and a half to go.

First stop was Rupert the Bear in his car, I was going to put some money in but I saw the price, £1 per go and thought, what a rip off. I told Daisy that the cost was too much and she understood and we moved on. We exchanged her present and she didn't even look in the bag that we took out of the toy shop, is she a star or wot.

That done we moved down the town to have lunch then into the Royal Star Arcade to look in the shops, It was very nicely done out with loads of decorations hanging from the ceiling. It looked nice outside with the blue sky but the wind was freezing and we were glad to be inside.

Up stairs by the Loo's there were some Sofas and Daisy soon made herself at home keeping her feet off of course.

Next we went down to the ground floor to look at the Preserves. and she made friends with the lady on the stall who gave here a set of Crayons and a picture to colour. Daisy was on a roll.

See what I mean, the next lady on the next stall not wanting to be outdone offered Daisy a bow to tie around her waist, What colour do you want she said, red please Daisy replied so red she got.

Has she got the gift of the gab or what!

As we left the Arcade we still marvelled at the decorations which we thought were fantastic, well done Maidstone.

So back to the car we went, can I have a go on the swings she asked? sure we said and at Penenden Heath we bailed out for a go on the swings, put you coat on Sue told her. She said that she would be warm enough without it and after a few tears she put the coat on saying that she would keep warm running about, we knew better. We think she is growing up and NOT excepting what you say as Gospel.

After a quick 10 minutes in the play area she made tracks for the car. See told you I said.

Next stop was Gloria and Tony's place in Gillingham which is adorned with Christmas toys and ornaments they have out this time of  the year.  Daisy really had a good time pressing  all the toys' buttons and dancing as she made them sing and dance.

After a while and a cup of tea it was time to take a very tired Daisy back home to tea and bed.

That's it, thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv, Sue, Daisy and Mike XX


  1. glad you all had a lovely time in Maidstone.See you tomorrow, for coffee and help with cards.

  2. Ahhh lovely post and pictures Mike. Daisy is getting more and more relaxed while you take her picture now. She is a delight.

    Stunning decs in Maidstone ... Allhallows has a few bits of tinsel that are gobsmacking all our visitors from overseas........! x

  3. Nice story Mike.

    Card working in the camera now and on the computer. I have no idea what went wrong.