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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Move the Moon!

Hi folks,

Sorry I missed yesterday all thinks came to a head as they do sometimes and by the time it was to write the blog I must admit I was too tired.

 So what's been happening?

Downstairs Loo is in the process of a makeover, new toilet and washbasin retiled, floor tiles free thanks to Charles, bless him. So all there is left is the walls and the ceiling, I know you are supposed to start at the Top and work down. We started with the floor at the bottom because the toilet pan had to be screwed to the floor and worked up. We seem to be spending a lot on fittings, like mirror, towel rails, toilet roll holders and so on, prices seem to have sky-rocketed.

That brings me nicely on to looking at the stars.

Trev is well into this , that's why he suffers from back ache really as he is always looking up in the air, only kidding Trev. I am going to join the local club that he attends to learn more on the subject as I find it fascinating. I really fancy taking imaged of the stars to complement Ground and Ariel photography which I do already.

This is one of my very first attempts at hanging a camera on a piece of string on a Kite. It it a little bit more involved than that but you get the idea dont you, I have a few more to show later.

This shot was taken at Teston Bridge near Maidstone last summer.

As I said earlier I would like to get into Astronomy and with the help if Trev and the local club. I am very interested in the image side of the hobby provided it does not cost to much.

This is my first attempt at the moon with the grateful help of young Trev bless him. Would you believe the sky was BLUE when we took this shot..

Well that's it gota go as Ian my 40 year old is staying the night after a do in London.

nit nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Lovely pictures Mike. I have spent the day cooking. LOL

  2. Love the moon shot. Yeah, go for it Mike. I think it's good to try new stuff and have new interests .. keeps the 'ol grey matter' moving lol xx

  3. Well done Mike that is a good first effort. Keep at it and it will better as you start to know your settings. You won't get it right every time but that is life. Well done.

  4. PS
    The kite one is great too.

  5. Hi Mike, fabulous arial shot and love the moon one too.....nice post ! Is that a new 'mug' shot of Trev on his comment ?
    Chris and Dave R

  6. @ chris, I dont know about a new mug shot, I have a good one of him which you have seen with him and his camera with the long lens. Ill see if I can persuade him to use it.
    Thanks for the comments all.

  7. Kite! Didn't think you still knew how to fly one! LOL

  8. @ Steve, it's like riding a bike!