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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Over to Yalding and the Weir

Hi folks,

Today we had a trip to Goudhurst and a look around before the rain came, did a tour of St Mary's church but will leave that for another day as we showed a church yesterday. As it rained we headed for Tunbridge Wells but there were still hordes of shoppers about spending money that they are not supposed to have. Anyway we left them to it and came back via Yalding where I used to have a Garage many moons ago.

We parked up after the rain had stopped to look around the weir.

We arrived to find two canoeists playing about on the river between the weir and the bridge so I set up to watch the activity from the weir with my tripod as the light was fading fast.

As I turned around the lights were already on in the Anchor and it was only 3pm, still onwards and upwards I was not going to miss any action.

Sure enough one of them came up to the weir where I was set up with the camera paddleling across with all his might.  He actually looked at me as I took the shot.

Than it happened, he upended the Canoe and out he went!

I did not need to get a ND filter out of my bag, the light was fading so fast I didn't need one. I managed to get this creamy water shot that some folks rave about without a lot of effort.

Here's another one of the of the sluice gates with water cascading through it.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Yalding as it started to get quite dark.

That's the end of another eventful day.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Super pictures Mike ... nice to get out and about x

  2. Oh dear Mike, this takes me back to the 60's where most Saturdays evenings you would find me a three friends drinking Newcastle Brown in the Anchor as it was the only pub around that sold it.
    Also many weekends fishing the Mudway there and all nighters as well.

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. I cannot rave about that water as it does not look real ... however it is were taken with a pinhole camera then one would achieve the same effect and I would like it !!!

    Still all in all great shots ....

  4. Thanks for the comment Charles, as I said "some" not me rave over these shots.
    With that amount of light and even at 800 iso the water would still look like this there is no way to avoid it due to the low shutter speed in that light unless you had a very powerful flash.

    The only shot I really like is the Canooist paddling and the movement in his arms gives a sense of action, the others are just snaps in my opinion.

  5. And bloody good snaps they are too Mike.....we love them !!
    Happy new year to you and Susiequeue, have a good one !
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Thanks for the good wishes you two. hope OSL has not deserted us and that your computer is now fixed.

    Happy New Year to you and all my readers, have a safe and healthy 2012. XX

  7. If you took it with the pin hole Charles you would get a white out as the timing would be all wrong. Too much water over time!

    I like white water because it makes it look as if it is moving not frozen in time.

    The lit-up pub is the best one for me.