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Monday, 12 December 2011

Manic Monday

Hi folks,

Well what a day, I think this working lark in getting beyond a joke. Up at 7am to put out the rubbish, then down the MOT station with a car that was delivered with no Petrol in it, typical. Then back home to fit a sensor then back for a retest.
 Next job was a flu jab and a Pneumonia jab, after a blood pressure test I got the flu Jab but was told I would have to wait till February for the other one as they run out!

 As Sues car is still out of action I dropped her off in Chatham to do some shopping in Iceland and she came home on the bus. Guess what the shopping beat her home as it was delivered free by van.

Next was the haircut, just a quick phone call and Diana, bless her was round with the scissors. After clearing up all the grey hair off the kitchen floor, next job was the Plumber who was coming at 3 pm. He arrived about 3.30 just after Sue and finished of the Shower room and a tile in the downstairs loo.

Time for  a tea and the car with a new MOT and petrol in it was taken away and paid for.

Well that was it really apart from the image Daisy wanted altered so here goes....

Opps possibly over the top, comments on a postcard please, no on the blog will do. I need to get into Photoshop and remove that blessed con trail that Trev likes so much. On reflection I think I will lighten the top a tad. Lets see what daisy thinks?

Oh almost forgot, up in the loft to get the Christmas decs down now that the dust has settled.

So that ends the day, phew I need a sleep now.

That's it, thanks for looking,

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Nice reflection and the con trail is ok

  2. I not sure abt Daisy .. that puppy gets everywhere!

    I love it.... but, sorry Trev, hate the go,go,GO! world intruding into such a lovely picture... con trail out!!!
    Cor busy time Mike ... I had to sit down and have a rest after reading this post ....phew!!!

  3. Eileen, Con trail help the imagination, you can wonder where they come from and where they are going to.

    I love them as much as clouds..hee he

  4. Going to redo that picture Eileen and take it out also lighten the sky a little. Sorry Trev I agree with Eileen.

  5. Did you get my email abt Chris and Dave's PC trubbles! She wanted you and Trev to know they hadn't abandoned us!

  6. Sorry Eileen, no e-mail. Sorry to here about Chris and Dave's troubles hope they get back on soon.