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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Hi folks.

One from the spring this year.

Just to remind you that in a few of months will shall be into springtime and the warm weather. For me 2011 has been a strange year with me not doing all the things that I should have been done due to various reasons.

Still on the bright side was the trip to Florida with Sue, Gloria and Tony, also a trip to Wales to see the Austen family which was great.

As you have probably noticed our Granddaughter Daisy is growing up fast and will be off to school next September.

New years resolutions are to get back into Kite flying, and get back to America.

I hope you all keep well and have all the things that you hold dear.

Have a good evening.

Thanks for looking, Happy New Year to you all.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Cheers Mike......all the best !
    chris and Dave R AND MAX

  2. Thanks Mike for a lovely post and a promise of 'spring' around the corner.. Thank you also for the smashing message you left on Daisy's Blog. I hope all our dreams come true next year and we remain, fit,well and healthy to carry on with our adventures ...... Warm New Year wishes to You, Sue and Ian and his lovely family xxx

  3. We have a lot to look forward to Mike! There are a good few places that we did not make this year, so we can look to go there in the spring or a nice bright day.

    The days are now getting longer and tomorrow is 52 seconds longer that today. I will as you say nearly spring.

    Happy New Year to all yours and my followers.

  4. Thanks for all the good wishes, Sue and I send our love to you all.

    @ Dave and Chris, have a lovely 2012 and Dave I hope you can get your blog going shortly Dave as we love looking at your pictures.

    @ Eileen, I hope Spring it not too far away and yes the fit and healthy thing springs to mind which I will endeavour to do something about.

    @ Trev, what can I say bless Im, keep counting those seconds away.

    Anyway, Happy New Year again to you all especially those just looking, I know your there and thanks for your support.