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Sunday, 4 March 2012

7,000 Teapots! How many?

Hi folks,

What greeted us.

Well by popular demand at Teapots R Us, here's a few more. The first shot shows the inside and the conditions I had to work in, tube lighting and the plastic sheets in front of the exhibits. You can also perhaps now see how there were over 7,000 teapots in the Teapot Island Museum..... Enjoy

We liked Dr Lizzy's dosage instructions on this teapot ..... something to be followed.

This was called Johnny Two Jags 

One of Margaret's favourites:
Sadly my sister and I fell out,
And what do you think it was all about? 
She loved coffee and I loved tea, 
And that was the reason we couldn't agree.

This one was an Origami teapot.

The potter was not allowed to call it a "Marmite" teapot.

To finish up today, we all loved this one, a great play on words, "I could murder a Guinness".

Hope you enjoyed your second journey to Teapot Island as much as we did, thanks for visiting.

nite, nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Hi Mike,A lovely tour of the teapot shop......I think I need a cuppa now !!
    Such a good it !
    chris and dave R

  2. Love the last one Mike, good show.

  3. Thanks for the blogg.We must go again.

  4. How fabulous!! Lovely pictures ... thanks so much Mike ...Gotta go and see this place ! xx