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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Daisy cheers me up!

Hi folks,

with yesterday well and truly out of the way it's time to solider on till consultation day on Monday and yet another trip to London.

Well onwards and upwards, Sue is out so I have put Little Legs to bed and read her a story like I usually do. Bless her it really helped having her today to take my mind off other things and that's just what she did.

First off we had to wait for a car to be taken away so I got out a bike that Keith a neighbour had given Daisy a few months ago, it was still a bit big for her but we tried a trip around the green with a piece of rope tied to the front so that I could pull her along.  All she had to do was steer and brake, it worked out very well and we did a circuit of the green before getting ready to go out.

Sandwiches at the ready off we went to Capstone Park and sat and had lunch by the lake before doing a circuit around to the swings.

The lake was very quite with not many birds around at all, a few gulls but not a sign of any Cormorants or Geese, all in all very quiet except for this Coot swimming across the lake on its' own. There were a few Ducks on the island asleep in the sunshine but not much else.

Off to the play area we went and after a few minutes we realised that she had her new trainers on so we had to leave the park with loads of tears and go home for her old Nursery shoes.

She had also forgotten her camera so we picked it up and went the Luton Rec Play area to give that a go as there were no children in sight. Off went Miss Bailey snapping away to her hearts content with her Lego camera.  I kid you not, its case is really Lego and you can alter the design by adding bricks to it. It works quite well as you saw in the last blog and she is learning to press the shutter without moving the camera.

With the advent of the Olympics, Daisy is getting ready the the 2032 or what ever session, as you can see the play area was still deserted.

She really doesn't mind playing on her own but when another child entered the play area Daisy latches onto then and follows them about to try and make friends. This is a newly designed slide without the conventional ladder which she soon got to grips with.

Daisy, still on her own but she is quite happy playing.

Back home a very tired Daisy had her tea and was soon off to bed.

Oh the Daffodils, well just before our neighbour and good friend Margaret went to Australia a couple of days ago she gave Sue some flowers which have now bloomed. As she will be following the blog in Oz I thought she would like to see them. Hope you had a good trip out there, we followed you with plane finder to Singapore then lost the connecting flight to Australia. It was fascinating to watch as she travelled all the way to Heathrow and came back by plane across Maidstone and crossed the Channel at Deal going across Europe and Brussels. We then went to bed.

Well that's it. another Daisy Day over and a happy Michael.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I am glad you are feeling better Mike,
    a good afternoon out for Daisy.

  2. Ahhhh ... a soothing, gentle post Mike... Daisy would 'lift' anyone's day.Very pleased you are feeling better. Thank you and Sue so much for my card it was very kind of you ... you forgot to enclose a MASSIVE cheque but I expect you intend giving me TWO HUGE cheques at Christmas instead!! lol

    Message to Margaret ... have a super time in OZ! :)

    Eileen xxx

    1. Thanks for those kind words Eileen, they make the blog so worth while.

      What I need is the Sinus problem resolved and get back to normal.

      I was going to send a massive cheque but due to the postage increase and other cutbacks I am unable to ok your request. You will have to stick with your now "old" Ipad (technically speaking) and make do with it. lol

      Daisy is asleep but when she wakes up I am going to give her a BIG hug.XX

  3. Lovely post Mike.....she is such a gorgeous little poppet and I know you both treasure her.......Hope you get your sinuses sorted Mike !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Going to see the specialist on Monday, I hope and pray that this will be over soon. xx