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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

London in the Sunshine

Hi folks,

Sorry I missed you yesterday as I had to go to London to see a specialist about my Sinus.

Well that was the downside, the upside is that Sue and I had a wonderful day in the Sunshine walking from Waterloo to London Bridge taking pictures as we walked along the river.

The first thing you see after leaving Waterloo East station is the Eye in all it's splender with the pods glistening in the morning sun,

I had seen this on many occasions and even been on it which I can highly recommend, then I noticed behind the trees......

One of the Pods was missing and only the outer cage remained.

This is where you board, the wheel keeps moving very slowly as you walk into the Pod.

You can see the tyres that turn the structure pushing the Pods slowly into the sky.

Back on the river bank all was coming to life including Mickey getting ready for a hard days graft.

It was starting to warm up and you can just make out a band striking up under the tree as we continued our journey to London Bridge.

The bank was adorned with a variety of Easter Eggs, ( I know, a bit early) all painted in different colours in a competition to find over 200 eggs scattered around central London. I rather liked this one as it stood out and was very unique.

Talking about art, the next instalment is on just that but in a very unusual way.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I have been on the eye, you need a head for heights, but the views are wonderful.

    1. We went about 5 years ago, must do it again I bet the skyline has changed since we went up. I noticed that the Gherkin has nearly disappeared in the 12 years since my previous op.

  2. Super pictures Mike ... I love your 'trips' around the city! That EGG is fantastic!!

    E xxxx

  3. A lovely trip out Mike, the weather was better than here

  4. Another super post Mike !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. This is all so fascinating to me. Mike I can't thank you enough for sharing your journeys. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to visit your magnificent homeland, but your blog fills in that loss.