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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Longhorns at Pegwell Bay

Hi folks,

I'm letting Trevor get well away from me blog wise otherwise all the Wednesday pictures will be alike, so I will continue with out Tuesday trip to Pegwell Bay with Sue and Daisy.

After Daisy and the Dogs we, that is Daisy and I moved further into the park well away from the car park looking for the cattle that were grazing there. This way I could take pictures without worrying about little legs as she could play in a fenced off area.

After I talked to the locals I knew that there were cattle here but I was very surprised to find these as  apparently are here all year.

There were about ten of them contained within a field.

I tried a close up of the eye like our master photographer Kendo did a while back but I was a bit disappointed with the amount of fur around the eye. 

I was quite lucky with the pose as he kept his head up quite a while and was looking at a little red blob running around over the fence making a lot of noise.

I think they keep moving them about as this one was enjoying his afternoon tree.

After Sue had finished Daisy said " are we going to the seaside?", I had not the heart to tell he that we were already at the seaside so we took her into Ramsgate, that's another story for another day.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Wonderful Mike, I love longhorns

  2. Marvellous shots Mike ! amazing creatures are'nt they !!
    chris and Dave R

  3. Bit of a 'Shaggy' blog Mike! ... Lovely animals and some great pictures. Looks like a good sunny weekend coming up .... look forward to some more photos from you.... have a good one ! xxxxx

    1. Will try Eileen, been a bit tired of late and getting a bit fed up with the waiting for my Sinus op XX

  4. Lovely pictures Mike. I must take some of my garden as I clear it up.