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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

London Art.

Hi folks,
to continue on an art theme, here's a couple of early Easter Eggs in the hunt.

Eerie wiggs coming out of an egg.

What's this bloke up to, spray painting........................

A lady on a pillar is the latest part of a South Bank Skateboard and BMX park Graffiti Wall which is legal giving artists room to show their work.

More Graffiti / Art depending on your point of view.

Looking closely, there is some nice work amongst the rubbish.

Art is everywhere in London, with new buildings going up all over the place, poor St Paul's is slowly getting swallowed up by new buildings.

A view of the renowned " wobbley bridge" leading to St Paul's.

Entrance showing different ramps to get to the bridge with St Paul's in the background, this is a widely used composition shot used many times.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Now Mike, you know you've hit the spot with all that arty stuff....fantastic view of the capital from a very different perspective....a brilliant post, thank you !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Good post Mike ... the eggs are brill and I love the art... wonder if having a dedicated place to 'spray' stops the 'tat' going on elsewhere? .... properly not lol! xx Great pictures... thanks for sharing xx

    1. The centre of the city seems quite clean but when you are on the train going into London it's everywhere. Thanks for the nice comments all..two more of London to come w

    2. Sorry, the comment locked up and I could not finish the sentence .i have a couple more to come.. Soon to be a Grandmother again Eileen all the Beas from us and the other Daisy X X

  3. The eggs are part of a lottery. Each one has a key word on it. You text in the key word to be entered in the lottery.