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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Daisy and the Doggie lesson.

Hi folks,

well what a day, Sue was asked to work in Pegwell bay, yes it was a Tuesday so after a consultation with the boss we decided to all have a day at the seaside,

We were on the cliffs to the right of the mast the other week as we took pictures of the towers coming down in the Power Station which was just behind me.

Pegwell Bay is a Nature reserve with loads of wadding birds about so Trev would have been in his element although as usual they were keeping themselves away from the shoreline. I had to be on my toes as Sue was working in the car park I had sole responsibility for our little Daisy.

Daisy being Daisy thought it would be a good idea to pick......Daises.

Then it happened, she let out a scream as some dog walkers came past, what's up I said? I dont like dogs she replied. Well being in a park surrounded with dogs was not a good place to be so I thought as we had a few hours to kill we would either have to get used to the dogs or move out of the area leaving Sue on her own. So with a few hours to kill I thought, why not get her used to them while being safe as well.

Then we met a couple of nice ladies with dogs and I explained that Daisy was scared of them. Well we were introduced to Louis, he was the most soppiest dog you could ever wish to meet. I the owner said that you have to check with them first before you tried to touch them as some could snap at you. 

Daisy loved him and got nearer and nearer to him but was still not sure.

Then Tom Tom and Barney turned up and before long the were all the best of friends. I dont know what Tom Tom was but Barney was a Black Labrador and was as soft as cotton wool and Daisy was soon at home with them she wanted to take Barney home.

Daisy with Barney

This is my new friend Barney, Daisy exclaimed patting him on the head.

Well that was that Daisy wanted to make friends with all the dogs but I explained that you have to ask the owners permission before you go near an animal and I spent the rest of the afternoon drumming it into her. 

We then went around the park playing and taking pictures which will be for another day.

Last picture I could not resist......

This is Otto who was up to Daisies shoulders, she was a bit wary which was good but as you can see by the smile on her face she doesn't mind dogs any more.

More later.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Ahh .. Super pictures Mike and I am so pleased Daisy has made some good friends. Lovely, blog post and you were so lucky with the weather. I hope Sue did not work too hard ... xxxx

    1. Well only did less than half of what was expected but then you can only ask people who are there. Fortunately the weather was good and the Snack Wagon was doing a roaring trade until 2pm when it left, I only started at 1pm!

  2. That is nice Mike, I am glad Daisy is getting better as some dogs look cuddly but can go for you.

    Nice view Mike.

  3. Hi Mike some great shots of little Daisy and the doggies !
    Chris and Dave R