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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hothfield Heathland Horses

Hi folks,

Playing catch up as it has been a very busy week photography wise what with my hospital visit and going out with Trev on Wednesday, still I must say that I have enjoyed myself in the process.

We entered the Heath to check out a new app on my phone which gives the location of footpaths across the Heathland which worked very well. After walking for a while we spotted a white Land Rover and as we approached we noticed the three people were rounding up wild horses that had escaped through a fence on the Heath.

The young Warden bought them back were they belong.

They then surrounded the Land Rover, one tapping on the windscreen

They were lovely animals and very friendly towards us.

On we went away from the horses, across a bog were I nearly lost my foot in the mud and up a hill close to a school.

We crossed into a triangle that contained the car park, on the way there were loads of trees down. The area was quite overgrown but added to the scene.

This one had been like this for years, the root partially out of the ground.

Back at the car our Sue was fast asleep with her electronic book in her hand, still she was happy.

Just as a rider, the Longhorns had been moved to Ore near Faversham for the winter as there is more grazing for them there. Come the spring they will return.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Glad your new app helped you find the way, otherwise I would have had to get the Rangers to search for you. When I woke up, that is.
    Wild horses are lovely, so soft looking.

  2. Well done Mike, the first one is lovely
    It was a good afternoon.

  3. Lovely pictures and interesting stuff about the Map app mike ... what exactly does it do and how much ? Please x

    Eileen xx

  4. The app is £15 and gives you credits for map tiles which up download for a specific area. The tile area shows not only footpaths but tracks and is quie accurate

  5. You will find that the IPad don't like the blog for comments, you end up with mistakes as above.. Xx

  6. Hi MIKE, love your posts lately , I feel like I'm really there ! I could just 'pat' those horses.......cheers
    Chris and Dave R