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Thursday, 15 March 2012

London Skyline

Hi folks,

Continuing on the London theme,

View from the Millennium Bridge (yesterdays blog) towards Tower Bridge, with quite an interesting and changing skyline and the dominating Shard on the right. There were cranes everywhere as we continued our walk to Guys.

The Shard, this building has fascinated me to keep on photographing it as it reaches into the sky, it is situated right next to Guys Hospital so you will have a few more. The lift on the side amazes me as it trundles up and down the glass side of the building taking materials to the top. How, I wonder how do they get that crane to stay in place?.

This is the  river walk opposite London Bridge, looking across the river you can see a new tower block going up. (see the square block with the red crane, this is how the Shard started).  Notice the Gherkin which 12 years ago when I had the first operation, I remember looking out of the window and it dominated the skyline it is now being swallowed up with taller buildings.

As we approached Guys and I was photographing the Shard, Sue pointed up to the door high in the air on the side of Guys Hospital building. Take a note of the sign on the door and look below..................

Got it!!, we thought this shot was priceless, still if you did open the doors you would be in the right place for treatment. These doors used to be joined to the Station before the alterations were made.

After my consultation we then wandered along the river towards Tower Bridge.

This is HMS Belfast which was in the news last year after the gangway collapsed. It has had a make over and is to be opened again to the public again later in the year.

Last one tonight is good old Tower Bridge with the sun still shining at about 5pm.

One more blog of London to come tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Nice one Mike, I love the Belfast, one of my favourite ships from WWII

  2. It really cheers me up in the morning reading your blogg. the photos are good too.

  3. A grand tour....its great looking at the capital without leaving the house....
    nice one Mike !!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments folks, will have to excuse Eileen as she probably had lots on her mind with all these new toys.

    Sorry Zoe, didn't mean your little one is a toy but I bet Daisy and Holly think so.