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Friday, 30 March 2012


Hi folks,

as we had such a great day Wednesday, I thought a few more would be in order.

These Mallards were enjoying the sun.

and getting up to antics, time to roll over.

Well it's so hot in here it's the only way to cool off and it's only March. Think I'll fly north for the summer.

This is better now we are in the shade.

Wot you lot looking at!

Another one of Sues scenes.

She was really getting into the swing of it with this Peacock, well done that lady.

This was a turn up for the books, this is only the second time I have seen a Moorhen out of water.

And a Coot, my wot big feet you have? " all the better for swimming with". This is were the saying as bald as a coot comes from, honest.

Come on they exclaimed it's time for dinner.

Hold on I said, let me get just one more shot.

Well it was time to go home and I nearly cried like our little Daisy.

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did.

nite nite, luv Mike. XX


  1. Lovely photos Mike. I am garden bound at the moment trying to get the garden straight for Good Friday. I will put some photos up when it looks reasonable.

  2. Looks like you got yourself a Whooper Swan there Mike (the white one)


  3. Great shots colourful and I love the 'come on, its time for dinner'
    shot !!
    I dont know that many 'good' people in this world, but you two are kind and heartfelt......Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and giving words of comfort ! I'm on the mend now...onwards and forwards !!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks for those very king words Chris. Also thanks for taking the trouble to go back over previous blogs and leaving comments on those as well, you are a STAR. So glad you are on the mend, get well soon. XXX

  4. Mike number two looks like that scruffy Mallard that we saw, but I love that one best..

  5. I agree with Mike your Swan is a Whooper it should be a lot further north than Kent by now. I saw a flock of 20 on Grasmere two weeks ago.