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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Richborough Cooling Towers, Down!

Hi Folks,

following on from our intrepid Trevor and as you all follow his blog I will not repeat what he said only to say that I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of my pictures. For some reason they were all over exposed and I spent a long time getting them back ii a reasonable quality. Fortunately they were take in Raw which meant that I could recover them.

We were positioned on Cliffs above Ramsgate approximately two miles from the site with a bit of sea mist to contend with. See the people on the shoreline, sooner them than me.

First tower to fall, we were mistakenly listening for a bang and  a flair which came after the second tower had started to fall due to the speed of sound against light. IT WAS ONLY SOMEONE SHOUTING THAT MADE ME PRESS THE SHUTTER

The second tower went into a corkscrew as it descended.

The third went down straight and if you look at the two blogs we both pressed the shutter at exactly the same time. The crack is the same in both pictures in the front tower.

Main chimney about to start it's decent to the ground.

Over she goes.

You can just make out the Chimney in the dust as it is about to hit the ground.

Well there you are, all over in about a minute.

The building shell on the left is the remains of the control centre which I think was left standing to protect a sub station behind.

We went to look at the remains which we will show tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX    (Very tired)


  1. Blimey Mike.....Talk about catching the action,
    This is a sight to behold !! Brilliant action shots !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Glad you were able to save the photos. You have a piece of history on film.How great this that.?

  3. Wow amazing stuff ... well done Mike ... super pictures. So pleased you all made the effort to lose the beauty sleep and go so early! ... Thanks for sharing

    Eileen xxx

  4. Thanks all, we both had loads of trouble with the mist but got there in the end. Trev and I were really tired after sorting these out. And both were in bed by 11pm x

  5. You did good Mike with those pictures.

    I shall have another go with mine to try and reduce the noise.

    Kingsnorth next wot!