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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi folks,

After our expedition to Hothfield last week we, that is Trev and I decided to give it another go. We left Sue in the car with a good book and her DS games whilst we set off loaded with cameras and lenses. After walking some time we asked the Rangers were the cattle were and they directed us to the lower field and we could eventually  see the cattle in the distance.

Well we found them, at first a long way away using long Telephoto lenses and then after a long walk down the fields we can across all these lovely Longhorns.

We got so close that Trev bless him went behind the gate.

We loved the Calves.

These two are twins all say ahhhh.

This lady had massive horns, by this time I had given up being scared.

I'm NOT scared any more NOT, really not......

In the same field there were loads of horses. All seemed pregnant, Trev will show them tomorrow.

Well our adrenaline was really pumping by the time we had to leave we were very tired and had a long walk back to the car. The sun was low in the sky as we walked back.

We were pleased as punch at what we got as the forecast was cloudy with rain.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite,luv Mike XX


  1. Blimey Mike, you're a brave man ! But the shots are great......Nice to see something different,
    another good post !
    chris and Dave R

  2. Lovely pictures Mike.

  3. Cor ...wonderful shots Mike... How long did Trev stay behind the gate? I remember going down to Cliffe Marshes for a Radio Weekend once and Miffy was chased by the cattle down there ... he ran to the gate like an Olympic Champion! lol

    I adore the twin pictures .... x

  4. @Eileen, Trev got brave after a while and came out from behind the gate.
    He should show one with me in the middle of them all around. They were so friendly you could of stroked them. I didn't though.
    A GREAT day out was had by both of us.

    Thanks for the comments. XX

  5. Yes Mike, we had a great two and a bit hours and we both got some great shots.

    Your best I think is the lady with horns.

  6. Oi ... Mike I 'ave just been over on Trev's blog... wot you doin wearing a RED coat ... You ain't gonna see any wildlife wearing that .... ask Santa to bring you a GREEN or dark coloured coat ... the birds will love you then !!! xx lol

  7. Eileen Trev has a blue and white coat. Dont worry about it,

    I think they were attracted by the coat.(red rag to a bull) so it paid off.

    I recon that's why they followed us. he he