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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bear in the air

Hi, Folk's,

Well, stand to attention, I am in charge as from now.

I dont think much of this packing lark, I have been stuck in the spare bedroom for two days all on my own. Those two  have been running around like possessed bears getting themselves ready. I suppose it will be worth it in the end. I have laid a few GROUND rules for the trip, that's a bit silly as we will be in the air for 10 hours.

I will Not go in the main suitcases in the hold  but have a seat on the plane so that I can look out of the window. This is a bear necessity as I am going back home and being 11 years old I need all my creature comforts.

Well not so bad, they put me in the hand luggage all ready for our trip in the morning
Ah well that's it bed time and an early start tomorrow.

Bye bye to all you Bears in the UK, Love to Daisy and Holly


  1. Well have a good time and don't eat too much

  2. NO Trev, Ernie is going to keep me in check.

  3. Ooooo.... exciting stuff ! I will call in every day to see how things are going. Have a super time and a safe journey. Just lovin Ernie! Woofs from D&H !

  4. Okay ... I am just checking in cos we have arrived down on Romney Marsh and the weather is gorgeous.... we are on a very small campsite complete with a pond and loads of wildlife ... we have seen a barn owl, a beautiful creature .. Ken is after some pictures with his 600mm f4 lens ....! takes three of us to carry it!... hope you and Sue and Ernie are enjoying your flight! xx I will call in tomorrow I have my 'dongle' with me !! woof from D&H .....

  5. Flight was very good with Virgin, lots to drink and eat.Blog posted now, has a lot of trouble with the hotel internet, now 1am here and off to bed. love Mike xx