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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I don't like cameras Dad Dad

Hi Folks,

Just been to Riverside Country Park with "little legs" what a great day although being the school holidays didn't help. At the swings, we really had to watch her as the older children were a bit boisterous to say the least but at least Daisy held her own. After another go on the swing which seemed to be the safest bet we attended the loo which is the normal thing for her.

We then returned to the car parked in the field to have our picnic.
Cheese sandwiches she cried with glee and soon polished a round off followed by a drink of juice from her bottle and an Apple for good measure.We then had a kick about with her girly ball ( a Hanna Montanna one) that is and off we went for a walk along the river.

Notice how she is posing for the camera, Not.

I tried on several occasions to get a shot of her with the camera but at usual she doesn't like the camera and looked away at every opportunity. I had shutter priority at 2000th of a second and never got a good image. She is either bombing around all over the place, all I got loads of half body and a bit of head shots. For some reason she hates anyone taking pictures of her, it must be her Royal Blood I suppose.
 She did enjoy rolling down the grass bank but all I got was loads of shots of her knickers. Anyway enough of the Country Park we made our way back to the loo's again only to find them closed as they were flooding. Just our luck, so off to the the Dockyard outlet for a communal leak and a quick look around the shops before we went home.

Ah well enough for today,

All the best, Mike

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