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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Flying High at Hythe

Hi all, after looking at the weather forecast Sue and  I decided to take a gamble and go out with the Kent Kite Flyers and have another go at K.A.P. (Kite Aerial Photography).  I already had all the gear so we loaded the car and set off.  After a bacon buttey and a walk along the promenade in the sunshine we met up with Len who was first to arrive and set the kite kit and camera into action.

This is a view of the Sports Pavilion, town of Hythe and the sea (top left).

This Kite Aerial Photography is all done by magic, if you are new to this, single click on the photo above and to have a better look single click again  you will see Sue and I standing by our car (second from the right by the path) afterwards you will need to click your left blue arrow at the top of the screen twice to return to the blog.
This is how to take a photograph and say, "look no hands", you do need to be in the right place at the right time or as in this instance happen to be in the right place.

By this time the light was fading and we all decided to try to get a picture of the BMX bike circuit on the other side of the hedge, from the ground you could not see it but we knew it was there.  You can even see the tennis courts that we didn't know about and also the lovely church on the hill.

Here we are at the end of the day after having a great load of fun and banter.  This is a picture looking in the opposite direction over the buildings to the beach and sea.

At five o'clock we packed up the car before wending our weary way home.

Kites and boats coming tomorrow, watch this space.

All the best, Mike


  1. Very good Mike glad that you enjoyed it, made a change

  2. Oh wow Mike .... Super pictures and very interesting. I would like to see a picture of the Kite with the camera attached to see how it looks and works ....E xx

  3. Thought you would Eileen. If you Google KAP you will get loads of info and some lovely pictures.
    I use a small Canon Power shot and a special rig. will try to send a picture tonight.