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Monday, 25 April 2011

Visit to Epcot

Hello Ernie here again,

We all all decided to have a lazy day at the Hotel yesterday.Glo and Mike decided to go for a swim so I  kept well away from the water and stayed in the room. as Sue and I don't like the water,

Sue braved the pool edge and took this of Mike floundering around like a beached whale.

We then stocked up with supplies for our second and last trip to a theme park.

Yesterday off we set for Epcot with me, Fred the Gnome and Percy the Harrods bear.all in a bag together. Glo taking charge of us all,.BTW, she now refers to us as "the kids", I think she has taken quite a shine to me.

 We had a great time there with loads of flower displays.

The park consists of a very large lake with lots of different themed villages all around the lake.

at the entrance of the park

They all made a bee line for this place for some unknown reason.

Ah  yes, I now know why, they serve English beer and fish and chips. 

Quite nice this,I had a swig of G G that's Glo's Guinness, whow what a kick, it knocked me sideways.

Well that was me done for the duration, what a kick.

I went round the rest of the park with my head banging but I then sobered up with a drink of water.


Wow, what a day, anyway here's a few more I took,sorry if the aint straight.

here's one for Mike's Kiting buddies.

Well that's it for today, we will have to go back it our bags tommorrow as we are starting our adventure south towards the Florida Keys.

All the best and lot's of luv from Ernie and the gang.


  1. Ernie you have to watch that Gloria you know. Giving a bear Guinness, I don't know.

    Look out for alligators down there, they will have you for breakfast, dinner and tea.

    Good luck

  2. No, there soft as anything, they feed them with Chicken in the parks.
    Hope you are ok

  3. Ernie, I 'fort you were only Eleven! wot you doin on the booze? Glad to see everyone having a good time .... super pics ! xx

  4. He nicked it whilst we weren't looking. Bad Bear. Still got a hang over.