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Friday, 22 April 2011

We are here

Hi Folk's,
Ernie your tour guide here, we are here in sunny Floridia. It is very warn at about 24 C very warm and sunny it is a bit too hot with my jumper on but I am not taking it off.  I have wore this jumper for eleven years and am not stopping now.
I have a new friend but I don't know his name, he is a Harrod's bear bought at Gatwick, I had a very eventful plane ride and met Isabell.

She really took a fancy to me and I thought she was really nice, she had only worked for the airline for three months.
So off we went in the nice blue sky towards America:-

We arrived very tired but they all kept eating at drinking, there was nothing for me because they said I hadn't got a ticket, oh well, nothing different then!

We picked up a big black car from the Airport and drove to our Hotel still daylight, where I met Fred the Gnome and we spent the evening on the windowsill with the Harrods Bear.

I am not too sure about him, I think he fancies me, here we are looking out of the 20th floor window down to the Convention Centre on International Drive, Orlando.

After breakfast we went to Daytona Beach and I nearly got sand in my jumper but Fred came to the rescue and we managed to keep away from the water.

This is silly Sue & Gloria paddling in the water they got their knees wet and I chuckled from the safety of the Hood (that's American for Bonnet).

Just finishing for today with two more pics from warm and sunny Daytona:

Back to the Hotel after dinner and back to the shelf.  To all my watchers, I will be back soon.


  1. Sounds fun but it was 25 here yesterday ops

  2. well bet you aint got a beach like that in Medway?

  3. new post comming soon just got up after getting home at 1.30am from Disney

  4. Hello Ernie .... cor lovely pictures and we know 'hot' cos it's VERY warm here too!! Looks like you are keeping everyone under control.... We are going home on Monday and I will be able to keep in touch without this flippin dongle that keeps crashing .... love to Mike and Sue and D&H send loads of woofs ! Watch the Gnome 'Ern cos looks like he is 'patting' your bum!!