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Friday, 29 April 2011

Fort Lauderdale

Hi Folk's
I'm back, have had a bit of trouble the connection at the last hotel but all ok now.

I did no go to the Space Centre as I was a bit under the weather after my trip to Epcot so I stayed in my bag.

This is Mike's third visit to the centre and is still amazed at the hangar holding the Saturn rocket. and the size of the thing that sent man to the moon.


Here's one of young Tony under the rear rocket showing it's size.

Lots more images in the camera, cant post them all here.

This is the other end that drops into the sea with the crew on board.

Had a great session at the centre with lots to see but cant finish without an image of Endeavour on the pad which is the final mission and lifts off Friday afternoon.

We had to leave yesterday as the roads would get busy and we had to get down the Key's by Saturday evening.

More to follow as now a day behind with the blog.

See you all soon love Ernie.  XXX

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