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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Well as you can see we almost all got there.

Hi Folk's,
What a lovely day it was yesterday, I think it caught us all by surprise.

Woke up at 7 am with Daisy singing in bed next door and thought this will be a nice day. Went in and got her up and gave her breakfast and she started to cry. This went on for about an hour with nothing we could do to pacify her. Eventually she stopped  with the help of  Sue's own bear Ernie which we will comment on later. We then continued on with the day as if nothing had happened, what was all that about, god only knows. Well this then delayed us going out to we took her to the park at Pennenden Heath for a swing on the way to Ashford, dutifully dropping her off we the made our way back to Leeds Castle to enjoy the sunshine.

Leeds Castle

What a smashing afternoon we had, the temperature rocketed to over 20  and the park was wonderful.

This is a scene looking down the stream on the way to the Castle which had loads of Ducks and a few swans on it.

The day could not be complete without  a Leeds Castle Peacock so here is one, sorry it is not showing its plumage

Well what a day we had, came home and dosed off in the chair after a cup of tea.

After sorting out another customer in distress we reflected on a day which did not start out to good but ended wonderful.

Well at popular request I could not finish without a picture for that lovely Eileen, after looking through the archives I found this of Daisy and OTL and just had to post it..

 Well that's it, 7.50 and now off to work as I have a long way to travel, have a good day everyone.

All the best Mike.


  1. I love reading cheerful posts and yours are some of the best ....great pictures as well ! I had a 'laugh out loud ' moment when I saw OTL and Daisy !!! thanks Mike x

  2. That was taken by me at the Sunderland Kite Festival 3 years ago. It's real name is line junk as it is not technically a kite as it is hung on the line with a kite higher in the sky. The kite is usually blue to blend in with the sky and show off what's on the line.