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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Out today to Leeds Castle again

Hi folk's

Well here we are again ,

As It was a grey day yesterday we, that is Sue , Daisy and myself would venture to Leeds Castle again as long as the sun shines,

Here is a ground shot at the weekend at Hythe with the 14-140mm

And a couple of ordinary kites from the weekend.

Two Deltas

As we are going for  along time I have decided to forgo Face book and use this blog instead, I will be getting friends to go on here as it is less public. I think this is the best way to approach this?, comments welcome.

Must go as Daisy is in the bath and has started to grumble.(Sue is with her of course).

Well, we got there in the end, What a lovely day it turned out to be, well worth the effort.

All the best Mike


  1. I will follow with interest .... I prefer the blogs .... just love Trev's.....xx

    The kites are so colourful (D&H will be following you as well !)

  2. Good show, must have my daily fix of those two.
    @ Trev, I think he should have covered the reg numbers up. Different though.

  3. Oh Gawd .....yes !!!! I have left a comment re Ken camera on another post ... do you get an email when someone leaves a comment? x

  4. No problem, just that being a camera geek I always ask these questions