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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Come on Button

Hi Folk's,

Well that's another day over and another day nearer the trip. Spent some of the day getting everything together and making a master list for both of us to add to and so as to not forget anything. All the camera and computer gear sorted, good job we have a 50 lb luggage allowance I might be able to squeeze in a pair of undies and some flip flops.

Poor Sue has been working in Larkfield from 3-9pm tonight and looks ok on it. I have helped a bit by doing some shopping and putting some cheques in the bank, mind you moving money about is not my speciality. Ah yes I hung the washing out including a pair of rather small knickers belonging to you know who. Also I had a purge on the garage, that was fun as it still looks as bad as when I started.

Off to see "little legs" tomorrow after I have watched the F1 on the telly. I hope we, that is Button and Hamilton do well and  have a good race. After a clean up we are off to meet up with the family.

My blog would not be complete without a Daisy picture so here is one on Wednesday of her in the Trolley at Notcutts.

Looking through my "old" images I found this one taken in the same Trolley 20 months ago.

What a difference, she puts on the seatbelt on her own now. I think the Trolley has kept well due to it's age. at least it has not ended up in the Medway like most of the Trolleys in Chatham do.  I also love the sun hat.

Well what will I be missing whilst we are away......... ah yes the "wedding", I see the papers are full of it. I bet we will know more about it that you as we will be with the people that are in the "know" on the other side of the pond. No Easter egg hunt at the Darley's and no dancing around the Maypole. The thing that I will MISS most of all is the price of  fuel as we will be touring around a lot. $3 a gallon out there which is about £2 over here.., LUVERLY.

Will also love turning right at an intersection and of course, the open road. Nashville here we come..

Best wishes, Mike


  1. All exciting stuff Mike ... I love the anticipation and expectation before setting off on holiday. Don't forget anything!
    I want to see tons of pictures!

    I am just doing a few chores here before the F1 racing starts.... bit disappointed with Vettal getting pole but never mind hope Lewis or Jensen can do it this time .... E x

  2. Pictures, ah yes loads even TONS of pictures I hope. Re not forgetting anything, we have a long list which we add to as we go along so hope nothing is left behind.

    Re F1, yes I agree as I put in my title I support Button. OK Eileen thanks for the feedback or any as we move about in the U S....M xx

  3. Well Eileen, Button 4th but good news for Hamilton. What a race for Webber to come 3rd after loosing a wheel, well done Mark.

  4. I agree Mike ....good news for us but WELL DONE Webber!