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Monday, 18 April 2011

Not long to go now

Hi Folk's

Well not long to go now, grass all cut and shipshape, don't really know why I bothered. It will be about 2ft high when we return, anyway it's done. Suitcases at the ready and I bought a new pair of scales yesterday as the old spring ones were a bit naf..

Guess what we are going to the pictures tomorrow, I know but this is what ere indoors wants and I have been married too long to argue. We are going to see, I cant remember was her reply yarning, Oh well it must be good only £3 to get in at the Odeon Dockside, then we can have lunch at Boomers to finish off the day.

Had a good day at Ightham Mote on Sunday with the family and he had had a great day.

Here we have a shot of the lovely couple at Ightham,Claire and my son Ian. Daisy is running around somewhere.

Well onwards and upwards must get on with the packing...................

Ernie takes over tomorrow, watch this space.

All the best Mike


  1. Ooooo so exciting .... I am going away for Easter too .... Not so far as you two! .... Romney Marsh! with Karen and Miffy! and the girls of course ...woohoo cannot wait ! Enjoy xx

  2. Don't forget the Carrots. Have a good time and remember to take OTL. Please say hello to Karen and Miffy.

  3. Have a good time both and I know that you won't be thinking of me working cleaning the greenhouse out.

    Have fun see you on your return

  4. Nope, don't believe in Green houses only White ones not going to D C though.
    Keep smiling and enjoy yourself.