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Friday, 29 April 2011

Catch up

Morning Folk's,

Right as I am over moment of madness, I think I should get down to telling you all what has been going on.

On our last day in Melbourne,that's the Florida one not Australia we all went to the beach again, they wanted to get brown but I stayed in the shade. At lunch time I met this lovely couple from England and had a cuddle from there two daughters which I really liked. They all had a beer but I stayed well away as I did not want another hang over.

So Glo gave me another drink of water. I see that Fred got on in the act again.

Next morning after they had breakfast, I was back in the bag as we set off south to Ft.Lauderdale,a long drive south.

Well, Mike decided to have a rest from driving so Tony took the wheel for a while. he did very well and soon got to grips with it.. It was a long drive to Ft Lauderdale, about 200 miles, on arrival it was very hot but I was ok once I got into the cool hotel room.

They had chicken for tea followed by an early night.

That's it all up to date, luv Ernie  xxx

ps, got woken at 5am as Sue wanted to watch the wedding, what a drag. boo hoo.


  1. I hope you went to look for the P47's that went missing in 1949, bet you didn't find them

  2. Woohoo ! Sounds like great fun Ernie,super Space Rocket pictures.... I would love to see a 'launch' I have been watching the Royal Wedding since 6am this morning and enjoying every minute.

    The dress was stunning!! Carry on enjoying yourselves ...... E xx

  3. Sue loved the dress as well.And yes we will carry on enjoying ourselves, the wedding was the best thing on American TV says Sue all the rest is junk.

  4. Mike .... do I know Glo and Tone? I have a feeling I do ! x

  5. yep G4UYL is Gloria who was married to Roy G8STO who died in 1996 . Tony is her new husband I think 18 years ago. X